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Swim Nappies

Swim Nappies for swimming lessons, the beach, at home and they are even great for containing little accidents while toilet training!

A shell of a regular modern cloth nappy (MCN) won't work very effectively as the outer shell is made to hold water/liquid in so a specialised swim nappy is the way to go - so much more affordable than buying disposable swim nappies that are worn for such a short time! Save your money and the environment with a swim nappy from our range!

Large drawstring wetbag enough for about 5 nappies or for after swimming - the perfect place to put your reusable swim nappy! REDUCED SHIPPING OFFER: Due to the small size of this product you can make use of reduced shipping when purchasing this product only (i.e. no additional products purchased..
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Peapods swim nappies are a great, cost effective choice for swiming lessons. Why pay for disposable swim nappies that are only on for 20-30minutes when you could have a reusable option that you can take home and wash? Enjoy your young baby having a splash in a paddling pool over summer with a swim n..
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Affordable quality with an adjustable waist sizing. Perfect for those first swimming lessons or trips to the beach or pool with your little one. A breathable PUL outer in gorgeous designs these swim nappies feature a netting inner and elastic legs so nothing escapes. Adjustabl..
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