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Fitting your nappies FAQ


The three main reasons for leaks with cloth nappies are:
1. Your inserts are soaking wet. When any pressure is applied (ie your baby sits down) moisture then escapes out the legs and back. Things to try: Add more inserts. If you are using just microfibre inserts try adding a hemp or bamboo insert to cope with the extra moisture or change baby more often.

2. Getting the right fit. The nappy is often leaking around the legs but inserts seem to be still dry - your nappy fit may not quite be right.

Things to try: Adjust the fit using the snaps on the front of a OSFM nappy below the domes that you use to fasten your nappy shut. Make sure the nappy is firm (but not tight) around the legs. This may take some trial and error. Some more information and tips are included at the bottom of this page. You might like to try a sized nappy.

3. Leaking from the top of the nappy. Things to try: Make sure there is none of the inner part of the nappy poking out the top – if it is make sure all the inside of the nappy (usually white) is tucked down. Otherwise the wet inner may ‘wick’ the wetness onto clothing.

Other issues may be caused by.....

Washing system/powders. Your nappies have never leaked, seem to be a good fit and are all tucked in but they are leaking now? A good wash routine is essential to keeping nappies clean and absorbent. Build up of washing powder and creams (if being used) can stop the absorbency of inserts from being effective. Check out our washing tips and tricks page for instructions.

Struggling to get a proper fit.

One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies have front rise snaps (usually three rows) that can be adjusted to allow the nappy size to be changed between small, medium and large.

If you are finding the legs too big on bigger babys - you may need to go back to the size smaller using the snaps.
If you are finding the leg holes too tight (leaving red marks on your baby’s legs) it is time to change your nappy to the next size up. Simply change the snaps up onto the next row or for older babies leave them all undone.

A good fit should be firm around legs and waist, but not too tight on your baby. Please feel welcome to contact us for help with fitting your nappies.