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Looking for ways you can have an eco-friendlier kitchen? 

There are so many great products to choose from. Once you've used up or reached the end of life of your current products simply choose on of these alternative products to replace them with.

I bet you'll find them affordable and easier than you thought.

Caliwoods Stainless Steel Tumblers Caliwoods Stainless Steel Tumblers
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Brand: CaliWoods
A tall reusable double-walled stainless steel tumbler by the NZ-owner, woman-led certified social enterprise - CaliWoods.A sustainable and reusable alternative to single-use plastic hot and cold cups.Each cup comes with 2 different lids - one can be used to seal the container with leftovers at resta..
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Brand: Haakaa
Pack of 3 stainless steel curved straws - 8.5 inches long, 6mm wide.   One of the most wasteful plastic products out there is the single use plastic straw! Each day, humans produce and utilise 500,000,000 straws and where do you think these end up? In our oceans and landfill. In fact w..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
When you first receive your Kai carrier it may be a little stiff. Open the cap, seal the ziplock and blow air into the carrier so it expands. Open the zip lock and use a spoon to push the gusset at the bottom flat from the inside. You should be able to stand your kai carrier on the bench and then t..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
Kai Carrier 300ml - perfect for storing sauces, dressings, baby food or snacks for Adults/older children. Try a smoothie on the go! Available in packs of 3, 5 or 10- the more you buy the more you save!  How to use your Kai carrier!  When you first receive your Kai carrier it may be ..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
600ml pouches (they hold closer to 800ml) are ideal for storing all sorts of homemade soups, stock, pasta sauces, bolognese, baby puree or stewed fruit in the freezer. Why not try them for storing your dry goods during camping or tramping trips, then you can fold them flat onc..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
Funnels Make filling your pouches super easy by purchasing a collapsible funnel today! These funnels have a wide opening and collapse for easy storage. Silicone Sip lids 2 pack (red/purple or green/orange) Great for smaller children using pouches. These fit 140ml pouches..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
Another great product by Kai Carrier.A reusable zip lock sandwich bag that is another waste-free option for the kitchen.Perfect for school, kindy, work, camping and not just for food. Use for toiletries or to put some pre-wet wipes in for quick cleanups while out and about.Made from a durable BPA-fr..
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Snack Packs are a great alternative to plastic food wrap, zip lock bags and containers.Fill with any of your favourite snacks for the lunch box or use to store toddler sized meals such as mashed vegies, pasta or meat/cheese slices.Perfect for the lunch box at waste free kindys or schools.Take campin..
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Brand: Kai Carrier
Kai'cicles are great for homemade iceblocks and ice creams minus the sugar, drips and spills. Or you can use them for snacks in the lunchbox or picnic bag. They are even great as breastmilk storage bags! No more tears from dropped ice blocks falling in the grass with Kai'cicles the ice block rem..
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A plastic-free snacking solution. Ditch the plastic ziplock snack bags and replace with this reusable alternative.They are ideal for snacks of all sizes - popcorn, fruit, biscuits, nuts, seeds, crackers, sandwiches etc.Pop your snacks into the bag and seal by rolling down the top and the warmth of y..
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An alternative to disposable paper towels. 1 Munch eco dishcloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels. A great way to save money.These plastic-free dishcloths soften with contact with water and can absorb 15 x their weight. Also super fast to dry reducing the chance of breeding bacteria or smells..
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Skip the store-bought popsicles and popsicle sticks and grab these fun reusable silicone ice pop molds so that you can make your own healthy, tasty ice pops. Not just for frozen treats. Fill them with smoothies, fresh fruit, yoghurt, chocolate, fruit/vegetable juice, gelatine, purees, trail mix..
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