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Benefits of cloth nappies

There are many reasons for choosing reusable modern cloth nappies (also called MCN) to use instead of or alongside disposables.
It may be to save money using cloth diapers, it could be that we want to leave the planet in as good a condition as possible for our children to grow up in by reducing waste using a reusable nappy system. You might be unsure of the chemicals used in disposable nappies - what is it that makes that stripe change colour and is it safe against my precious baby’s skin. Perhaps you want the convenience -yes that’s right MCN are convenient! No more running out of nappies, no buying lots of one size disposables and your baby grows out of them before using them all! Cloth has many benefits - some of which I will elaborate on below.
Benefits for skin and health.
Nappy rash is one of the biggest concerns that parents face. Nappy rash can occur no matter what nappy system you use - cloth or disposable. If a baby has allergies or sensitive skin the materials that are used to make disposable nappies often irritate their skin further. Cloth nappies are made from a wide range of all-natural materials like Bamboo, Charcoal and Hemp.
They do not contain any harsh chemicals.
Cloth nappies don’t contain fragrances like some disposables do - do you really need that extra chemical next to babies skin just for a 'fresh' smell?
Environmental Benefits
Babies use an average of 6,000 Nappies by the time they are toilet trained. All those nappies are being sent to the landfill and take a long time to break down. Disposables are made of materials that do not decompose easily. The untreated waste from diapers also poses a risk of contaminating groundwater.
There are claims that the energy and water needed to wash cloth diapers has just as much of an environmental impact as disposable nappies. This is true to a certain extent, but cleaning cloth diapers usually only accounts for about one or two extra loads of laundry per week. Also, the waste from the diapers is flushed down the toilet where it is treated appropriately. More information about costs of washing can be found in our information page - Saving you Money.
Cloth nappies can be held onto and used for other children in the family or sold online. There is a huge market out there for second hand nappies and our reputable brands hold their value.
Cost Benefits
The initial investment of cloth diapers is perhaps a little scary. Part of our Chubby Cheeks philosophy is to make sure you get the chance to try a few good brands. Find the right fit and the brand you like the most and then stock up on them as you can afford. Too many parents get caught out buying a large number of nappies because they were cute or on special to find they are the wrong fit for their child, take a long time to dry or are too hard to do up on a wriggly baby! We want to supply you with brands we use ourselves. Brands like Cherub Tree, Pikapu and Peapods that we use daily as well as brands we have just discovered and find fantastic like Ecobots and the very affordable Thats So Baby. Chubby Cheeks was founded to share what we have gained from using cloth and pass the information and cost savings onto other parents.
Yup, I said it again - Cloth nappies are convenient. Disposables have their place and are still used at our house occasionally but how many times have you realised at 8pm that you only have two nappies left? I know many parents buy in bulk on special to find that their baby grows out of that size before they have used all the nappies up. And how often have you been out in the car (this is me!) knowing you have a nappy in the boot in case of accidents to then realise it is 6months old and doesn’t go close to fitting! I now have a cloth nappy in the car and my nappy bag which I can use on either child if I get caught out.
Nappy Liners make cleaning up soiled mess much easier and all the waste can simply go in the loo. The thing I love most - no more stinky rubbish bins!
Pocket nappies do require you to replace the inserts after each wash but once they are done they are 'grab and go' just like disposables. Cover and presold systems like coots are simple you just change the inner presold and use the same cover and AIO All in Ones like Pikapu are super easy - perfect for Grandparents, preschool and Dad. Pikapu are just all in one as they suggest. All sewn within the outer you literally put the nappy on, change the nappy, wash it hang it out and it is ready to go again -SUPER quick drying time compared to other AIO brands available and lovely soft materials that are very absorbent.

So many benefits to cloth - you need to think about what benefits you are looking for. Money saving? On a budget? Multiple children in nappies and the cost is getting too much at the supermarket? Environmentally friendly and conscious about your eco footprint? Whatever it is I hope you give cloth a try and enjoy the benefits it can give you and your family.