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Customer Loyalty Points

As a thank you for shopping with us, you can earn loyalty points when buying at Chubby Cheeks. Each product you purchase that is over $10 in value will earn you 1 point, 2 if the item is over $25, 3 if the item is over $50 etc. Each point is equivalent to 50 cents and can be redeemed to purchase other products. It's perfect for saving for your favourite product or a product you've been wanting to try. It doesn't take long to build up your points!

Note: You must register as a customer or already be registered when receiving points so they are saved on our system.

To redeem your loyalty points so that you can use them against a purchase simply log into your account when making a purchase and you can apply available rewards points towards to cost of your purchase at checkout.


Please note that loyalty points are not exchangeable for cash.