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Bamboo Trifold Booserts/Inserts Bamboo Trifold Booserts/Inserts
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Brand: Cherub Tree
Super thirsty bamboo inserts that can be folded in three for extra absorbency. Made by Cherub Tree these are great for heavier wetters while still keeping a reasonably trim fit. Size approximately 290mm x 120mm Bamboo used to produce fabrics is easily replenished and does not require pesticide..
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Brand: Cherub Tree
Your Cherub Tree OSFA (one size fits all/most) nappy is designed to fit from approximately 4kgs until toilet training estimated at 17kgs. The size is simply adjusted using a row of snaps at the front of the nappy.  Value for money - each Cherub Tree Nappy comes with 2 inserts included. One M..
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Brand: Cherub Tree
Large drawstring wetbag enough for about 5 nappies or for after swimming - the perfect place to put your reusable swim nappy! REDUCED SHIPPING OFFER: Due to the small size of this product you can make use of reduced shipping when purchasing this product only (i.e. no additional products purchased..
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Brand: Cherub Tree
Hemp inserts are very absorbent and slim fitting. Hemp is a natural fibre which also has fantastic absorbency qualities. Did you know? Hemp can hold about as much liquid as microfibre, BUT it holds it differently within its fibres and it doesn’t squeeze out like microfibre. Try adding a hemp inse..
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Brand: Cherub Tree
Microfibre Inserts are best for the top layer of any inserts combination - the microfibre fabric draws moisture from baby and helps to keep them dry. Add one to your favourite combo today!..
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