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Do you want to use reusable cloth nappies?
Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of starting cloth nappies and don't know where to start, what brands and styles to use?
If you're looking to try a few brands of reusable nappies but not sure where to start. Our trial packs are made up of a variety of brands and styles of nappies that are perfect for starting out or trying brands you haven't tried before.
My top advice for anyone starting out with cloth nappies is to try a variety of brands and styles before committing to any brand or style in particular. This gives you the chance to figure out what you like (or don't) and what works for you and your child. 
To help you with making those decisions we offer trial packs at great prices that include a variety of different brands and styles of cloth nappies. 
These are a great option for either when you are starting out and want to get a feel for what is out there or if you are experienced but would like to try something different. 
Bundles on offer change on a regular basis so please check back soon if you've found this useful or if you are looking for something different.

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