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Inserts, Soakers, Boosters & Liners

Check out our range of inserts - here is some materials information to help you make the right choice.

Microfibre - a fantastic material and one that keeps your baby's bottom dry.  Microfibre absorbs liquid fast, it helps draw moisture through the lining of the nappy into itself – away from your baby's skin.  This is why if you are using a mix of insert material you should always have Microfibre on the top layer (closest to the baby's bottom but never touching skin). There is a downside to microfibre though. Firstly, of all the materials for inserts it has the least amount of absorbency. And just like a sponge, when it gets too full, fluid can be squeezed out. This may mean if your baby is sitting or lying down for a long time, the insert can get full and then fluid can be "squished" out and cause leaks.
It is a great idea to mix a microfibre insert with another absorbent material that can hold more liquid e.g. hemp or bamboo.

Microfibre inserts are a good option if you are experiencing leaking from "flooding". This is when the you are experiencing leaks but the inserts you are using aren't totally wet. At some stage your child will start holding their wees for longer and then having bigger wees. If the inserts don't absorb the wee fast enough, it can leak out of the nappy. Adding a microfibre insert can help as it is the fastest absorbing material.

Hemp - a natural fibre which has fantastic absorbency qualities. Did you know? Hemp holds liquid differently within its fibres to microfibre and it doesn’t squeeze out like microfibre. Try adding a hemp insert underneath a microfibre insert to draw the moisture/overflow into the hemp insert.  One downside to hemp is that when it gets wet it tends to get quite firm – so a nappy with just hemp inserts in it can become a little hard and uncomfortable on your baby when it's full, another great reason to use a microfibre/hemp combination. Try a bamboo/hemp combo for overnight when a nappy is going to be on for longer.

While hemp is the slowest to absorb liquid of all inserts it has the highest absorbency quality (i.e. can hold the most amount of liquid).

Fabrics made from hemp are hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Hemp materials will also soften with age and with each washing. Like linen and cotton, hemp is a cool choice for summer. It breathes well. It is recommended for warm, humid climates as the fabric resists mildew and absorbs moisture.

Bamboo - bamboo can be added to other inserts for additional absorbency and a longer-lasting nappy. Bamboo inserts have increased in popularity over time as they are super absorbent and quicker to dry than hemp. Bamboo is antibacterial and very soft so comfortable for your child, very absorbent, and is long-lasting and robust. 

Did you know? Bamboo is considered one of the most sustainable plants because it grows quickly and does not require chemicals or irrigation and biodegrades more quickly than oil-based synthetics.
Bamboo is
• luxuriously soft
• naturally hypoallergenic
• moisture- absorbent
• quick drying.
Bamboo also has antibacterial qualities, which bamboo fabric is able to retain, even through multiple washing. Bamboo exhibits up to a 99.8% antibacterial rate. This helps to reduce bacteria that thrive in clothing and cause unpleasant odours.

Cotton - another natural fibre option that has great absorbency qualities. Most commonly you will find cotton prefolds. Which can be used like a modern-day version of old school flats but are also great for pad folding and using as an insert inside pocket nappies.

Brand: NappyNeedz
This is a flat style insert that can be folded (usually into 3 - trifold) and stuffed into pocket nappies.It is made with two layers:1 x microfibre1 x bambooThe two fabric types are a great combo working together with each having its own unique properties: microfibre absorbs liquid quickly but used ..
Ex Tax:$8.00
Brand: Bear & Moo
Bear & Moo bamboo inserts are made with 4 layers of bamboo terry fabric.These bamboo inserts fit inside the Bear & Moo pocket cloth nappies, adding extra absorbency or use with any other brand of reusable pocket nappy for extra boosting.The inserts will reach their full absorbency capacity o..
Ex Tax:$7.50
Brand: Bear & Moo
Bear & Moo bamboo inserts are made with 4 layers of bamboo terry fabric.These bamboo inserts fit inside the large Bear & Moo pocket cloth nappies, adding extra absorbency.  The inserts will reach their full absorbency capacity over the first 8-10 washes. If you are using these..
Ex Tax:$8.90
Clever Wee Fox premium insert set is a super absorbent combo of hourglass shaped inserts.1 x 5 layer 280gsm bamboo cotton Insert1 x 3 layer 360gsm hemp cotton InsertThe inserts can be snapped together and used in most standard nappy shells either by snapping in or stuffing into pockets.Use the bambo..
Ex Tax:$15.00
Brand: Ecobots
Looking for a bamboo cloth nappy that is reliable, easy to use and care for? Then consider Ecobots infant bamboo pre-fold nappies. INFANT BAMBOO PRE-FOLD NAPPIES Made from bamboo and organic cotton*, these prefolds are a little softer and more absorbent than the standard cotton prefolds. Infa..
Ex Tax:$5.00
Brand: Ecobots
Beautifully soft and absorbent, Ecobots regular pre-fold bamboo nappies are a great reusable nappy option for your baby/toddler. Bamboo is beautifully soft and more absorbent than cotton alone. So these combine bamboo (50-55%) and organic cotton (50-45%)* to make a super soft and super absorben..
Ex Tax:$6.00
Brand: Ecobots
Regular cotton pre-fold nappies to fit Ecobots medium and large covers or your choice of one-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappy cover. These nappies are perfect for when your baby is past the newborn and infant stage. This is probably the size that they will be in for the longest.  Soft and ..
Ex Tax:$4.50
Brand: Ecobots
Soft, absorbent and easy to use, Ecobots infant pre-fold cotton nappies measure 30cm by 40cm when new. They will shrink slightly when washed for the first time but this will also make them fluff up and become lovely and soft.  The nappies are made of pure cotton, which is fantastic against..
Ex Tax:$4.00
Brand: Ecobots
With six layers of cotton in the centre panel, these pre-fold newborn nappies have 14 layers of cotton when folded in three.  Giving plenty of absorbency where you need it.  Quick to dry and easy to care for and wash.  In the early days you will be changing regularly, as newborn ..
Ex Tax:$3.30
Brand: Ecobots
Ecobots super cotton pre-fold nappies are thick and absorbent and great for heavy wetting babies and night time use.  With eight layers of cotton in the centre panel, this nappy gives 32 layers of cotton when folded in four.  Use at night, with extra boosting if needed, and they should las..
Ex Tax:$5.00
Brand: NappyNeedz
Flat bamboo nappies made form soft, woven bamboo birdseye fabric. These measure approx 80 x 80 cm when new.The nappy flats are made from soft bamboo and organic cotton birdseye fabric. Silky to the touch they are perfect for going against your little one's skin.Birdseye fabric is a diamond textured,..
Ex Tax:$4.50
Brand: NappyNeedz
Lovely soft flat cotton nappies, a modern version of an old classic. They are great as cloth nappies, burp cloths, to do nappy changes one, and much more. Repurpose as cleaning cloths around the house, in particular good for windows, once you have passed the need for nappies.Approx 70cm square in a ..
Ex Tax:$3.50
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