Peapods nappies come in two different options: sized nappies (small, medium and large) and OSFA (One size fits all/most).

Small sized aim to fit 4-9kgs or newborn to approximately 9 months. Often this is a good choice because some OSFA nappies are a little bulky on smaller babies. Why not try a small Peapod as you get used to using cloth and then try out some OSFA brands to see what fits for you.

Medium sized Peapods aim to fit 8-16kgs or 6 months to approximately 3 years.

Large Peapods aim to fit 15 - 22kgs approximately 18 months to over 3 years. This is a good choice for bigger babies or children who aren't ready for toilet training until around 3 years of age. Suitable for a bigger size than OSFA brands usually accomodate but as always you need to find what works for you.

Peapods OSFA are a great all round nappy that are suitable from birth to potty training and have front snaps to adjust sizing.

All peapods nappies come in a wetbag (perfect for storing wet/soiled nappies when out and about) and include a trifold absorber.

Peapods also have sized (small, medium and large) swim nappies - check them out below.

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