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Pēpi Collection

Making a change, from the bottom up Pēpi aims help parents give their baby the best possible start.

Pepi Collection was founded by Kiwi mum, Daniella, and a Swedish dad living the busy life in London. They designed pēpi modern cloth nappies to be just what they needed as first-time parents – safe for babies, comfy for their bums, and user-friendly for grown-ups. Tough and adaptable enough to handle everything baby throws at them, pēpi cloth nappies are made to last beyond use by only one child.

They chose the name pēpi (‘baby’ in Te Reo Māori) – because their focus is on babies, and the incredible bonds they form in those first weeks of life, with the people who love, nurture and protect them.

And pēpi helps you love, nurture and protect the planet too. Every pēpi nappy you use and reuse means fewer disposable nappies in our environment. And more money in your pocket in the long run.

Pēpi can help you make a positive difference, without compromising on convenience.
With pēpi, you’re making a change, at every change time.

Pēpi’s Designer Collection includes 8 fun, playful artworks and colourways for adorable nappies featuring pēpi's signature prints. Pēpi Collection nappies are designed by a mum and ethically made with making nappy changing simple, cost-effective and eco-friendly in mind. These are perfect if you are..
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