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Peapods nappies come in two different options: sized nappies (small, medium and large) and OSFA (One size fits all/most).

Small sized aim to fit 4-9kgs or newborn to approximately 9 months. Often this is a good choice because some OSFA nappies are a little bulky on smaller babies. Why not try a small Peapod as you get used to using cloth and then try out some OSFA brands to see what fits for you.

Medium sized Peapods aim to fit 8-16kgs or 6 months to approximately 3 years.

Large Peapods aim to fit 15 - 22kgs approximately 18 months to over 3 years. This is a good choice for bigger babies or children who aren't ready for toilet training until around 3 years of age. Suitable for a bigger size than OSFA brands usually accomodate but as always you need to find what works for you.

Peapods OSFA are a great all round nappy that are suitable from birth to potty training and have front snaps to adjust sizing.

All peapods nappies come in a wetbag (perfect for storing wet/soiled nappies when out and about) and include a trifold absorber.

Peapods also have sized (small, medium and large) swim nappies - check them out below.

CLEARANCE ITEMNeed more absorbency? Thinking about using night nappies?  Just want your nappy to last that wee bit longer? Peapods boosters are great and very 'thirsty'!! Available in" One size fits all bamboo trifold insert Large size bamboo trifold (fits most nappies for children ..
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CLEARANCE ITEMPeapods cloth nappies come as a complete set with absorbent insert included. The absorber is made from bamboo - an ultra absorbent, naturally antibacterial, sustainable resource. One size fits all with a snap down rise to adjust sizing. Bamboo inserts are great for all ages ..
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CLEARANCE ITEMPeapods swim nappies are a great, cost effective choice for swiming lessons. Why pay for disposable swim nappies that are only on for 20-30minutes when you could have a reusable option that you can take home and wash? Enjoy your young baby having a splash in a paddling pool over summer..
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