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Brand: Ecobots
Looking for a bamboo cloth nappy that is reliable, easy to use and care for? Then consider Ecobots infant bamboo pre-fold nappies. INFANT BAMBOO PRE-FOLD NAPPIES Made from bamboo and organic cotton*, these prefolds are a little softer and more absorbent than the standard cotton prefolds. Infa..
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Brand: Ecobots
Beautifully soft and absorbent, Ecobots regular pre-fold bamboo nappies are a great reusable nappy option for your baby/toddler. Bamboo is beautifully soft and more absorbent than cotton alone. So these combine bamboo (50-55%) and organic cotton (50-45%)* to make a super soft and super absorben..
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Brand: Ecobots
Regular cotton pre-fold nappies to fit Ecobots medium and large covers or your choice of one-size-fits-most (OSFM) nappy cover. These nappies are perfect for when your baby is past the newborn and infant stage. This is probably the size that they will be in for the longest.  Soft and ..
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Brand: Ecobots
Soft, absorbent and easy to use, Ecobots infant pre-fold cotton nappies measure 30cm by 40cm when new. They will shrink slightly when washed for the first time but this will also make them fluff up and become lovely and soft.  The nappies are made of pure cotton, which is fantastic against..
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Brand: Ecobots
With six layers of cotton in the centre panel, these pre-fold newborn nappies have 14 layers of cotton when folded in three.  Giving plenty of absorbency where you need it.  Quick to dry and easy to care for and wash.  In the early days you will be changing regularly, as newborn ..
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Brand: Ecobots
Ecobots super cotton pre-fold nappies are thick and absorbent and great for heavy wetting babies and night time use.  With eight layers of cotton in the centre panel, this nappy gives 32 layers of cotton when folded in four.  Use at night, with extra boosting if needed, and they should las..
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Brand: Ecobots
This Ecobots OSFM nappy cover by NappyNeedz is a great choice for babies from about 4kg up to 18kg in weight. Rise snaps (the snaps that you see all over the front of some nappies) allow you to adjust them to fit different sizes and a double row of snaps at the waist helps you get a good fit. An ..
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Brand: Ecobots
Looking at using a cloth nappy that doesn’t have a built in water proof layer, but not wanting your little one to end up with a soggy bottom? Then you need a nappy cover. Ecobots nappy covers have been tried and tested by thousands of parents over the last twenty years or so. Designed to wrap a..
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Brand: Ecobots
The Ecobots cloth nappy starter pack contains all that you need to start using pre-fold cloth nappies. With six cotton prefold nappies, two nappy covers and a snappi nappy fastener you can give Ecobots cloth nappies a go and see if they are for you.  Each cloth nappy starter pack comes wit..
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Brand: Ecobots
A chance to try before you buy. Each pack comes with three cotton prefold inserts, a snappi fastener and one nappy cover. Enough for you to use for three nappy changes a day to see if this is the right system for you. Double gussets on the cover provide extra security from leaks. Simpl..
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