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Munch Cupboard

A baby feeder can be very helpful when introducing solids to your baby. It allows them to safely explore different tastes and the control of holding the feeder themselves.Made from stain-resistant, food-grade silicone these feeders are easy to clean.Simply place fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, m..
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A plastic-free snacking solution. Ditch the plastic ziplock snack bags and replace with this reusable alternative.They are ideal for snacks of all sizes - popcorn, fruit, biscuits, nuts, seeds, crackers, sandwiches etc.Pop your snacks into the bag and seal by rolling down the top and the warmth of y..
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An alternative to disposable paper towels. 1 Munch eco dishcloth replaces up to 15 rolls of paper towels. A great way to save money.These plastic-free dishcloths soften with contact with water and can absorb 15 x their weight. Also super fast to dry reducing the chance of breeding bacteria or smells..
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Skip the store-bought popsicles and popsicle sticks and grab these fun reusable silicone ice pop molds so that you can make your own healthy, tasty ice pops. Not just for frozen treats. Fill them with smoothies, fresh fruit, yoghurt, chocolate, fruit/vegetable juice, gelatine, purees, trail mix..
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A natural solid laundry soap bar that is perfect for rubbing on stains, soaking, handwashing delicates, baby clothes or toys, or to take away when traveling. It is also perfect for cleaning reusable nappies. Made from Pacific coconut oil which turns out to be a secret stain-removing ninja. Rub ..
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These reusable food pouches come in a pack of 5 and can each hold 200ml.Fill them with homemade purees for a healthy meal for your little one. Ideal for yoghurt on the go or make up your own sauces or soups then fill with a serving for convenient use. Other ideas include hummus and smoothies.Easy to..
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This well-designed baby bowl features a suction base to keep it in place and avoid spills as well as a scooping lip to make the transition to solids easier for your little one. The set comes with a matching spoon featuring a beach wood handle and a BPA-free silicone spoon tip.A bowl that stays in pl..
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A silicone toddler training cup with little handles to make the transition from bottle to cup super easy. No mess, safe for little mouths and easy to clean.Designed to fit your little one's mouth and little hands, toddlers can hold the tiny cup easily without spilling while learning to drink indepen..
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A silicone sippy cup for your growing toddlers and pre-school children - great as a smoothie cup for little kids with a straw that fits into the lid.Once your child is ready for a "big kids cup", simply remove the lid.Safe, available in a range of lovely colours, a minimalist design that fits comfor..
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Ditch the disposable plastic wrap and grab a pack of these eco-friendly reusable silicone food covers.A pack of 2 stretch n' seal silicone food covers. Pack includes 1 x 20cm and 1 x 17cm diameter.Suitable for freezing food or covering food in the fridge or even keeping pesky flies off your food. Th..
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3 layer filter system facemask brought to you by Munch. Handmade by their unique homework force.Ethically made in New ZealandMade from beautiful New Zealand designed fabrics, printed on close woven organic cotton, elastic for around the ears as well as surgical ties for behind your neck and head (fo..
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