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Bento Ninja

Brand: Bento Ninja
These are your ultimate FOREVER PEGS. No more replacing plastic pegs that become brittle and snap.  Made from marine grade stainless steel these pegs are made to last forever. They won't even rust so if you live within 500m of the sea, high sulphur regions or have high chlorine levels in y..
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Brand: Bento Ninja
A stainless steel sock hanger with 30 pegs made from sturdy stainless steel. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use and features a windproof lock.Great for hanging your small items and perfect for cloth nappies to dry on especially during winter.Easily attaches to curtain rails, doors, clothes airers, do..
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Brand: Bento Ninja
A stainless steel tea infuser by Bento Ninja that fits most mug/coffee/teacup sizes.Perfect for making a cup of loose leaf tea so that you can ditch the tea bags.Made from food-grade stainless steel 304...
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