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Hope's Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream 60gm

Hope's Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream 60gm
Hope's Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream 60gm

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Do you have itchy, dry skin?

Hope’s Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream has been developed to help people with skin prone to Eczema, Psoriasis & Dermatitis and is cortisone-free and has 300mg/g of active natural ingredients to:

  • help sooth itching
  • calm and sooth dry or irritated skin conditions
  • promote skin relief
  • moisturise and soften dry skin.

Hope’s Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream is:

  • ideal for babies, children and adults
  • suitable for use on your face, hands and body
  • free from petrochemicals, colorings, perfumes
  • blended in a concentrated non-greasy cream and easily absorbed.

Natural ingredients

The Hope’s Relief natural skin care range embraces the power of nature’s botanicals for their nourishing benefits. This Cream contains 300mg/g of natural active ingredients:

  • calendula 40mg/g
  • manuka honey NPA 10+ 100mg/g
  • aloe vera 100mg/g
  • gota kola 40mg/g
  • licorice root 20mg/g

Free from nasties!

Hope’s Relief quality natural skin care products are natural, non-toxic and skin-friendly. No nasties! Hope’s Relief skin and scalp care is free from:

  • steroids
  • paraffin
  • parabens
  • petrochemicals
  • sodium laurel sulphate
  • perfume
  • artificial colours
  • coal tar
  • lanolin
  • mineral oil

Hope's Relief biodegradable products are alkaline-free and pH-balanced with recyclable packaging.

How to use

Apply 3–4 times daily or as directed by a healthcare professional. Always read the label. If symptoms persist consult a healthcare practitioner.



Steroid Withdrawal Protocol

The general rule with steroid withdrawal is the longer a person has been using steroids, the longer it should be before it is completely removed. Stopping suddenly after prolonged use can cause a flare up before Hope’s Relief has had time to start working.

Below is a suggested guide for reducing the steroid cream & replacing with the Hope’s Relief Cream.

Been using steroids for 6 Months or less   =   1 week to withdraw 
Been using steroids for 6 months to 1.5 years   =   2 weeks to withdraw
Been using steroids for 1.5 years or greater   =   3 weeks to withdraw

This suggested changeover may need to be longer if the case is severe.

Another key to withdrawing from steroids is to reduce the steroid cream amount used by half. Replace the missing half with the Hope’s Relief Cream. Over the above suggested time frame, depending on how long you have been using steroids, continue to reduce the steroid and replace it with the Hope’s Relief Cream until you are only using the Hope’s Relief Cream. This will minimise the risk of having a flare up. It is important to also maintain moisture levels in the skin by using Hope’s Relief Moisturising Lotion at a separate time of day from the Hope’s Relief Cream.

Symptoms of withdrawal from steroid use

  • Increased redness and itching
  • Pustules and blistering
  • General worsening of the condition

These symptoms can include increased itching, redness and irritation - this can still occur even if you have started using the Hope’s Relief products. Sometimes the new product can be mistakenly considered as the cause of this which is not the case.

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