Thats So Baby

Breathable, waterproof outer made in 100% MINKY PUL or 100% PUL with a 100% Bamboo Charcoal inner, That’s so Baby nappies are truly fantastic quality and very affordable.
Each nappy comes with 1 dome in insert - 2 layers Microfiber & 2 layers Bamboo Charcoal. Inserts have super absorbency & snaps in at the front to prevent movement!
Why you will love this nappy:
• Wicks moisture away from babies bum to keep them super dry & help prevent nappy rash.
• Double gusset to keep everything in the nappy!
• Double rows of snaps around the waist & 4 size adjustable gussets in the front to fit your bubs from birth to potty training!
• Dries really fast after washing! (about half the time of regular ECO nappies – tested by a very busy mum!)
• Double protection layer around babies belly to improve absorption & help prevent leaks.
• Grey colour prevents staining.
• Natural qualities in Bamboo Charcoal neutralize the ammonia in bubs wee, minimizing the smell.

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