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[ke'ko'a] noun
Meaning: the warrior or brave one.

Not only are you braving the unknowns of parenthood, your little one is braving a whole new world.

Kekoā was founded by mum Alexis who decided to design her own nappy when she struggled to find a nappy that could be done up tight up enough to prevent leaks, but loose enough for her "chunky thighed monkey" to still move comfortably.

It is important for Kekoā as a brand to know they are doing their best for parents as well as the environment and those in their manufacturing supply chain.
Alexis has looked far and wide before partnering with a manufacturing company that ensures employees work no more than 8 hours per day and a maximum of 6 days per week, in line with the Fair Labour Association Code of Conduct. The company provides all their employees with endowment insurance (like life insurance), unemployment insurance and medical insurance, and organise a company-wide trip each year for team building and morale.

Brand: Kekoa
Kekoā Core basics is a New Zealand designed nappy featuring a light-weight trim design along with a range of features.flexible stretch wings (allowing for greater movement and fit)hip snaps (to help prevent wing droop)cross-over wing snaps (for a better fit on smaller babies)Athletic Wicking Jersey ..
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Brand: Kekoa
Your choice of Kekoā inserts and boosters available without the nappy shell. Small InsertsUse with the small-medium sizes (rise settings) - these fit inside the pocket without extra overhang, folding or bunching.Fleece topped microfibre (4-layers total)Microfibre is quick to absorb liquid ..
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Brand: Kekoa
A premium one-size-fits-most (OSFM) trim nappy showcasing a brand new feature - bilayer technology. This simple innovation creates a practical and functional cloth nappy that is beautifully luxurious.The first collection of this range is called Tiaki which loosely translates ‘to take care of’ in te ..
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