Every RARPZ nappy is a one-size-fits-most cloth pocket diaper design.

RARPZ cloth nappies are a pocket style so you can adjust the absorbency to suit you. Just place a RARPZ bamboo soaker into the double elastic pocket opening at the back. Use one bamboo soaker in a day nappy and change when wet, or double up soakers for overnight use. Rarpz bamboo soakers are 6 layers when folded giving you more absorbency than microfiber or cotton alone.

RARPZ cloth nappy shells have a rise dome system so you can fit on your baby from 8lb/3.5kg to 37lb/16.5kg. That's birth to potty. This system also gives you the flexibility to fit the nappy to different body shapes, like tall, short, skinny, chubby, and everything in-between. Use the same RARPZ cloth nappy on your baby and your toddler. 

They feature a double stitched top edge to keep your inserts tucked down in the nappy shell, perfect for those tummy sleeping babies, preventing leaks out of the front and top edge. The reinforced closure tabs give you strength and extra waterproofing. The extra snap on the right hand tab is for the extra small fit on you newborn baby's waist and to close a soiled nappy up while you are out and about, keeping everything contained.

Each nappy comes with washing instructions and the RARPZ warranty.

RARPZ nappies are quality nappies that go the distance. 

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