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Microfibre Boosters

Microfibre Boosters
Microfibre Boosters

Microfibre boosters are a quick-absorbing and fast-drying nappy insert option.

Microfibre is a synthetic fabric which holds liquid in between fibres, rather than actually absorbing them into the fibres as a natural fabric such as cotton would do.  This means is what enables it to dry quicker than natural fibres. 
It for the same reason though that microfibre on its own is not always the ideal choice for cloth nappy inserts. It is prone to compression leaks (i.e. it lets go of liquid quickly when squeezed).  This can become more of an issue as babies get older and the amount of liquid they pass increases. 
We recommend using microfibre along with a natural fibre insert - e.g. cotton, bamboo or hemp.

Because microfibre is so great at absorbing liquid, it should not be placed directly against the skin. It will draw moisture out of the skin and can cause microfibre burns on delicate baby skin.
Rather place microfibre within the pocket of a nappy. If you are using prefolds, you can also place the microfibre in the middle of the folded prefold.

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