Iti Baby 100% Pure Lanolin 25g

Iti Baby 100% Pure Lanolin 25g

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100% Pure NZ Lanolin - 25g glass jar.

Ideal for breastfeeding nipples - 100% pure lanolin is fantastic and doesn't need to be washed off before nursing like other creams and lotions do, it is non-toxic and safe for you and your baby.

Can be applied as often as after every feeding if you need it or prefer to keep well protected.

This cream will last a long time. Only a small amount is needed at each application.

Recent research has concluded that not only is lanolin soothing to new mothers' nipples but it can also prevent nipple trauma by maintaining the internal moisture of the skin.

100% pure lanolin speeds healing when nipples are already cracked or sore but is also great as a protectant.

Iti Baby Lanolin is of the highest and purest quality.

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