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  • What size nappies will I receive with my order?
    Unless you have indicated that you are interested in newborn or larger nappies, we will always include OSFM nappies in your order.
    If we have a sized option at any stage we will include this in the options for the month for new orders and will communicate this with existing subscribers so that you have the opportunity to confirm what size you would prefer.

  • What brand of nappies will I receive?
    Nappy brands will range across a large number of suppliers that have come on board. These include brands that we already stock at Chubby Cheeks as well as brands that are not stocked at Chubby Cheeks.
    We are focused on NZ owned brands (not necessarily made in NZ) so most often the brands you receive will be a NZ owned and/or NZ designed brand. (Please note that from time to time we may choose to include an international brand.)

  • Will the same products be repeated in subsequent months?
    We have an amazing line up of suppliers who are waiting to showcase their products to you in the Cheeky Naps boxes. You might see the same brands in multiple boxes but it will be different products from that brand (e.g. a nappy by brand X one month, a wet bag by brand X a couple of months later).
    We do not intend on repeating the same product from the same brand in a 6 month period.
    If you are a long term subscriber you may receive the same product from a brand over time but it will not be the same print/colour.

  • What products will I receive in my box?
    Cheeky Naps boxes are discovery-style subscription boxes which means - I can't tell you. It's meant to be a surprise. But I can tell you that you will always receive at least one reusable nappy. Along with the nappy you will receive products that are either:
    - related to cloth nappies; or
    - reusable in nature; or
    - eco-friendly; or
    - natural choices
    Only if you select the PLUS box option will you receive products that don't necessarily fall into the above options but are meant for baby or mum.
    The focus of Cheeky Naps is eco-friendly so we do try and stick to this with most of our products.

  • I live in Australia, can I purchase or sign up for a Cheeky Naps subscription?
    Unfortunately our ongoing, prepaid and one-off subscription boxes are not available to Australian-based customers at this stage. You are welcome however, to purchase any of our past boxes that are available on our website.

  • I received a notification that my payment didn't go through. What do I need to do?
    If for any reason a payment attempt is unsuccessful additional attempts will automatically be made over a week. If you need to update your card details you can do this by logging into your account on the Chubby Cheeks website. If you need to make funds available, simply do this and the next attempt should go through without issue. If you need to place you subscription on hold for a month please get in touch and let me know.

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