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Care instruction -for when you lose that piece of paper!

Care Instructions - Cherub Tree Brand

We really do recommend that you follow these instructions when washing your nappies. A lot of people experience PUL problems when they wash in hot water, or they soak with bleach or napisan or other chemicals.

PUL failure most commonly presents itself as bubbles of air between the laminate and the outer fabric. In small amounts, it will not affect the performance of your nappy, but when it experiences total failure, the entire laminate layer can seperate from the fabric and your nappy becomes useless.

These instructions aren't hard to follow and if you do follow them, you'll get lots of extra life out of your Cherub Tree nappies.

For Top Loading Machines
Wash nappy covers and inserts prior to use. This helps to soften the fabrics, enhance absorbency, and to remove any possible residues left from manufacturing. We recommend a warm wash (<60 degrees) with no detergent for this first wash. Do not use a hot wash.

Store your nappies in a bucket or other dry container until they are ready to be washed. Do not soak them while you wait. If odour is a problem, we recommend putting a couple of drops of teatree oil in the bottom of the container. Not only does teatree oil mask odour, but it is a good sanitiser as well.
  • Remove all solids and flush down the toilet before washing.
  • Separate the insert(s) from the nappy outer.
  • Rinse the outer and the insert in cold water. Squeeze out excess water and store in a dry bucket. Do not soak.
  • Wash on a normal cycle (<60 degrees) with half of the recommended washing powder. Sensitive powders are best - we use Ecostore powder because it is a bit more "natural" and is really good for sensitive skin. Persil Sensitive is another good one to use. We do not recommend enzyme powders such as Drive.
  • Where possible, do a double cold rinse at the end of the cycle.
  • Do not use bleach, napisan or fabric softeners as they will break down the PUL lamination and it will significantly shorten the expected life span of the nappy. These types of chemicals, particularly fabric softener, will inhibit the absorbency of the nappy.
  • Line dry where possible, or dry on low to medium heat in the dryer. Do not use the dryer on its hot setting.
  • Do not iron or dry clean.
  • Soaking your hemp inserts a bucket of cold water for 24 hours before use will really help boost their absorbency.
  • Always put the microfibre insert on top (closest to baby’s bottom) of the hemp insert when placing them in the pocket of the nappy

For Front Loading Machines
Follow the instructions as above. However, we recommend you don't use some low suds powders such as Persil Low Suds which contains oil to keep the bubbles down. This can affect the absorbency of the nappy.