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About Us - Our Chubby Cheeks Beginnings

Hi! Chubby Cheeks began after the enjoyment of founder, Kim, sharing knowledge of cloth nappies with other parents and helping them begin their own journey with cloth, with the intention to save money and to protect the environment our children would grow up in.


People often scoff at the use of cloth, asking us why we ‘bother’ and why oh why would we want to do all that extra washing!

Simply, it really isn’t that much extra washing, it is no bother and the house smells much fresher using cloth than disposables. YES, we use disposables too – I am not here to convert you to fulltime cloth in an instant, tell you that the earth is being ruined by disposables or that you are poisoning your children with chemicals.

What I DO want to do is share with you what you can experience with cloth if you choose to use it. One nappy, four nappies, fifty three nappies. It doesn’t matter, we want to encourage you to give it a try and see how it fits with your family – you and your children!

The focus and drive behind our business is to share great quality products with people at affordable prices. Not just cloth nappies but other ECO FRIENDLY products, teething aids, beautiful things for your baby and their nursery, and some oh so handy inventions that we love as a family like Kai Carriers.

Kai Carriers are reusable food pouches that make eating fun – I love that it means children can eat in the buggy or in the car without mess and that they save lots of money. One Kai carrier costs less than most single use pouches at the supermarket and are great for leftovers!

With not a lot of selection of baby gear locally, Nikita, a young mum with the same beliefs as Kim, decided to take over this small business and bring it from Ashburton to Wanaka, so people locally and nationally could access cloth nappies, teething aids, bibs, nursery gear and other handy items easily and save themselves and their families money while caring for the environment and their children’s sensitive skin.

And there it was Chubby Cheeks was born and went on an adventure to Wanaka!

With a new addition to her family and a VERY active 7 yr old boy, Nikita decided to allow me the opportunity to take over Chubby Cheeks and bring it to Queenstown.

Much like Ashburton and Wanaka, Queenstown was limited in local baby supplies plus I carry the same beliefs as Kim and Nikita so having Chubby Cheeks in Queenstown seems perfect. After running the business in Queenstown for a year our circumstances changed and called for a lifestyle change with the arrival of our second son. So we have since moved (and taken Chubby Cheeks with us) to New Plymouth.

Stock is available to all of NZ online, as well as local pick ups. I will be attending local markets too, so follow us via our newsletter and social media to receive updates of where you can find us.

If you know of any products you would like to see stocked with us, please let me know and I will gladly look into bringing them onboard too.

I hope you enjoy our range, it is stocked full of things that we know and love. Products and brands that have withstood Kim's 2 year old and beyond and that have made a difference to lives. We love these brands - they save lots of money, provide comfort and care, and I look forward to sharing them with you!