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What The Fluff

A cloth nappy designed in New Zealand that is great at containing messes with it's featured external (true) double gusset.The external double gusset helps with a grat leg seal, in particular good for skinny legs. As well as allowing for additional boosting without creating leg gaps.What makes this a..
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A snake insert featuring four layers of thick bamboo/cotton with an hourglass-shaped end to provide additional absorbency and extra protection.Extra-long in length which gives you the flexibility to fold as and where needed. When folded in half it is the length of a newborn insert so is still great ..
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A trifold insert featuring two layers of thick bamboo/cotton.Fold in three for 6 layers of absorbency. Because they unfold they are fast drying - perfect for the cooler, wetter months.They can also be folded in 4 for a narrower fit.Suitable to be stuffed into a pocket nappy or used laid on top of a ..
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A fitted nappy is a nappy where all parts of the nappy are absorbent. This makes them perfect for heavier wetters and overnight use as they provide more absorbency than a standard pocket or all-in-one nappy.This fitted nappy from What The Fluff is made from bamboo cotton. It is soft and absorbent an..
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Another versatile nappy by New Zealand brand What The Fluff.While WTF Slim Fits are a trim cut they are designed to fit a wide weight range of approximately 3-20+kg.These cloth nappies can be used as a(n):pocket nappyall-in-two nappynappy cover* over trimmer fitted style nappies like preflatspull-up..
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An extra-large pocket cloth nappy that is designed to fit approximately 13-25kg (dependant on body shape).With 4 rise snap settings you can still adjust these like an OSFM nappy to get the right fit for your child.The waterproof PUL cover has a suede-cloth inner lining that features internal double ..
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