Iti Baby Bee Balm 125g

Iti Baby Bee Balm 125g

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A simple mix of ingredients, yet so effective.

Use as a barrier cream for dribble or nappy rash, or as a fantastic nipple cream or lip balm. Also a natural eczema treatment. Perfect for mum and baby.
It is a perfect blend of oil and bees wax which allows it to be used in all the situations you would use a pawpaw or vaseline styled product, except it is 100% petroleum product free!

Iti Baby Bee Balm gets amazing reviews!

Remember the importance of using a nappy liner within cloth nappies when using creams.

We also have a smaller trial size available 25gms you can view it here.


Almond Oil: Sweet almond oil is light, easily absorbed by the skin and is very nutritious, it contains vitamin A, B and E. It is soothing for inflamed skin and very moisturising and is a natural eczema treatment.

Castor Oil: Soothing oil, anti inflammatory, anti fungal and creates a moisture barrier for the skin also works great as a natural eczema treatment.

Bees Wax: Provides a good barrier, and helps hold the product solid a room temperature (below 30 degrees).

Although this oil is suitable for all skin types there is always a  possibility of an allergic reaction with some people, so as with any cosmetic we recommend trying a small amount on the skin and leave for 4 hours and look for any signs of redness or reaction.

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