Ecobots Nappy system features a prefold insert and a waterproof cover. You can simply change the insert and keep the cover on for the next few changes.

See the range of trial packs below.

I love that Ecobots has a double gusset feature - making sure those explosions have a chance to stay put inside the nappy!

Ecobots offers a different system than pocket nappies that is definately worth a try - so simple, easy and the prefold inserts are very absorbent.

We want you to be able to try different nappy systems before you buy a whole set. We want to encourage you to save your money until you have found the right fit for your child and your home-life routines (washing etc).

Trial packs with Ecobots nappies are a great way to see if this insert and cover system works for you.

With each trial pack you will get 3 prefold nappies, one cover and a snappi nappy fastener, this is enough for three nappy changes. 

If you decide you like the Ecobots system you can then buy bigger packs, more inserts and more covers. Contact us to discuss your needs and talk about prices/pack options.

We will include information about folding and washing the Ecobots nappy system and you can see more information about using prefolds and covers here.

Available in four different sizes.

It is important to choose the right size to ensure that these nappies work well for you.

Newborn 2.5 – 4.5 kg (6 – 10 lbs)

Small 4.5 – 6 kg (9 - 14 lb)

Medium  6 – 11.5 kg (13 - 25 lbs)

Large 11 – 16 kg (24 – 35 lb)

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