Kai Carrier Kids Pack

Kai Carrier Kids Pack

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We have develpoed our kids pack perfect for younger children to take in the buggy, to the park, pack up for playdates or into the kindy/preschool bag.

Kids packs contain:

2x snack bags perfect for cut fruit, biscuits, cereal like nutrigrain, raisins any little snack!

2x Kaicicle ideal for keeping lunchboxes cold with a frozen treat (or just water as an icepack). These are also great for snacks like carrot sticks, cruskits, celery and much more - mum can use it for breastmilk storage!

2x 140ml pouches great for yoghurt and blended fruit, puree leftover meals, instant puddings and so much more. Check out our creative filling ideas here or email me your favourite so i can share it!

Click the links above to see packs of each individual size! Remember we sell 300ml & 600ml sizes too. Try one in our Pouch Pack or include a sandwich bag and choose our Lunchbox Pack.

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