Protective Earmuffs

Babies and Children's Earmuffs


You've found the best and coolest children's protective earmuffs available in New Zealand!

Baby Muffs protect the hearing of babies up to the age of two. Mini Muffs have the full protective specifications of Banz Protective Earmuffs.

Kids Protective Earmuffs are designed for use by children from two years to 10-plus years. Banz ear muffs, like Banz sunglasses, are not toys - they are ear protectors with a Class 4 rating (this is only one grade less than industrial-strength earmuffs!), easy for kids to wear while looking great and ensuring their precious hearing is protected from loud noises. 

All Baby Banz earmuffs are sound-dampening earmuffs, which means your child can still hear you - it wouldn't be safe, otherwise! The earmuffs do their job by dulling loud noise to a safe level.

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