Bambooty Swim

Bambooty Swim


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Bambooty is coming to Chubby Cheeks!

Our order is in and we're waiting for our stock to arrive. Please check back soon to see what is available.


The perfect seal swim nappy.

  • Bamboo lined for ultimate comfort
  • gentle, elasticised leg cuffs for maximum leak protection.
  • Designed for use in swimming pools and beaches!
  • Available in a range of print options, just for fun!
  • Available in 4 sizes. Please see a rough guide below for size ranges. 

PLEASE NOTE - as with anything size related - chubbiness is a key factor in getting the perfect fit and seal!
Please ensure a good seal for maximum mess containment ;)

  • NB (or Small) 3 kg - 6.5 kg
  • Medium 5.5 kg - 10.5 kg
  • Large 9.5 kg - 16.5 kg
  • Extra large 12 kg - 20 kg

ALSO - great to use for potty training! These are not designed to replace a day or night time nappy, however they do a great job of containing accidents giving you time to head to the bathroom discretely to clean up.

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